Friday, January 21, 2011

Seeing The Necks

Looking out the door of the Harbourside Brasserie onto Hickson Road, hearing rain sounds and Chris Abrahams' alien trills intertwined.

A night at the Vanguard when one whole piece felt like an extended outro, 50 minutes of ascending to heaven.

A night at the Basement when Tony Buck played only his hi-hat.

After a different show at the Basement hearing Errol Garner's "Laura" in the taxi on the way home, ecstatically receptive.

Swimming pools and apartment blocks at the Metro. Taking home a copy of Aether and listening to it deep into the night.

Decrepit dancehall at Clovelly Bowling Club.

Tonight, walking across the footbridge from Sydney Uni and having to stop to listen to the cars on Parramatta Road and the wind shaking every leaf on the tree.

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